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Here are Alpha and Omega, two poles of one and the same system in this eternal Lebanon, where the letter A first appeared, under the form of the head of an ox and where Europa was carried away from the city of Tyre to sow learning and civilization far and wide.

Ox, Oxygen, source of life from the first morning of creation till the end of time! From Tyre the god Jupiter descended from across the life-giving oxygen of space to seize his beloved Auropa and to carry her across the continent to which her name was given.

About us

We who operate this site form a private civil association operating under the names below

We have been engaged online since 1997 with several internet sites and social media presence.


Online since 2014 - Presents images and virtual tours of Syria the heart of the Orient.

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Online since 2012 - Presents for internet surfers profiles of Lebanese lawyers. With this service we offer information on lawyers and so help surfers to find lawyers online. The site offers internet surfers the possibility of discussing legal issues with lawyers registered in our site. In addition, lawyers who are listed can engage in discussion with their colleagues.

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Online since 2007 - The tortoise is challenging the rabbit... Follow this site, poll after poll, survey after survey, to see monthly many interesting polls and surveys to debate...

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Online since 2002 - Explore this site page by page to choose your gift souvenirs and books from Lebanon. The site works as a retailer site for Lebanese products; payment transactions are safe and secure and made through a secure server for credit cards.

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Online since 2000 - The site is devoted to Lebanon, acting as a tourist guide; in it you may explore all aspects of our country whether you are a native or a tourist planning to visit the land of love. Explore this site, which includes more than 75.000 pages.

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Hotels in Lebanon

Online since 2003 - Browse by country to find affordable, clean and luxury hotels. Deal directly with the hotel selected.

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Online since 1999 - Middle East leading Art Portal in terms of visitors. The site serves thousands of serious visitors per day. OneFineArt is an art portal presenting profiles of Lebanese and international artists. We represent the finest artworks available today from works of artist painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, artisans, poets, writers, calligraphers, illustrators, mosaic artists, fashion designers and musicians.

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Online since 1997 - Lebanon Art is an artistic virtual gallery presenting the artwork of the Lebanese and French artist painter and poet Joseph Matar. The Lebanon fine art gallery displays oil paintings, watercolors, sketches, poetic verses and online artwork for sale connecting the art sellers. From Lebanon, the Middle-East and the Arabic countries to the world.

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